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Core Aeration:

Is the cornerstone of a good lawn maintenance program. Sure fertilizer and water play a key role, but did you know that without yearly core aeration much of the water and nutrients you supply for your lawn can be lost through evaporation and runoff? The culprits are thatch and soil compaction, both of which are controlled with yearly aeration.

Diagram shows thatch removal & root stimulation

Benefits of Core Aeration

• Increases water filtration
• Helps relieves soil compaction
• Helps create growth pockets for new roots
• Provides a better environment for over seeding
• Improves turf thickness, vigor, and overall health
• Better resilience and tolerance to harsh conditions
• Increases microbe activity thus breaking down thatch
• Provides better fertilizer penetration into the root zone
• Increases air penetration into the soil which increases soil microbe activity

Just What is Thatch?

Thatch is an accumulation of dead grass crowns and roots, not clippings. Grass is a perennial plant, and this accumulation is a normal life cycle process.  Since grass plants in a lawn reside in close quarters, thatch can build up quickly. Sod lawns in particular need yearly aeration, as do dense seed lawns. Alternatively, if your lawn has become thin and sparse over time, soil compaction may be the “root” cause. Aeration followed by overeseeding can rejuvenate a weak lawn, by stimulating root growth and providing soil rich areas for seed to germinate.

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